Esok Lusa, Cempedak Jadi Nangka *

That was late Granny’s lamentation over my habitual procrastination.

But zero hesitation when it came to eating them. One is taut and springy, the other is juicy and mushy. The choice is yours; as for me, I take both.

What glorious days of the past, when we ate what we liked, no mumbo-jumbo over carbo, “JUST DO IT!”

I know for sure the cempedak can be eaten as it is, with all its natural sweetness and freshness, or it can also be deep-fried after dipping in batter, to make the delicious goreng cempedak.  The seeds can also be eaten if they are well-cooked in the process of deep-frying or else can be separately boiled.  

As for the nangka, I rather eat just as it is –  raw.  Some people say you can also cook it … but that is not for me.

note : * this is a Malay idiom


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