Getting Sacked For Jute Reasons

Does anyone remember gunny sacks? For that matter, what is a sack apart from an ignominious ejection from one’s job?

Ages ago, folks used big brownish fabric bags – made from jute – to pack and stuff food items like onions, dried chillies, potatoes and all kinds of grains.   These were called “gunny sacks”.  The fabric had a rough fibre texture, was durable and highly re-useable.   A trade even evolved from the buying and selling of used gunny sacks.

Truly versatile, organic and environment-friendly, retired gunny sacks could be made into rugs or even scrub pads for washing dishes. Oh yes, we also had fun in schools using gunny sacks in friendly games called “sack racing”.

Nowadays, with supermarkets replacing traditional mom-and-pop sundry shops, food packaging is largely done in smaller convenient take-away packs, and environment-hostile plastic material has largely replaced jute.   Haiz !


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