From Smelly Feet To Savory Treat

Kaki Ayam – chicken feet, in Malay.

In my young days, chicken feet to us were a nuisance. When we got a chicken from the market to be slaughtered and cooked, the feet would be chopped off and thrown away.   It was only much later that we realized that chicken feet were a prized delicacy in restaurants. Am not exactly a fan, but am certain many people love them.

Americans usually don’t like the idea of putting someone else’s feet into their own mouths, but PRC Chinese gobble these up with relish.  Now the USA is the largest exporter of chicken feet to China. In the past, American chicken farmers used to lament, “How nice if chicken have no feet ?”  That was because they had to pay people to haul away the discarded feet.

But now, with the voracious Chinese appetite, American farmers are now lamenting, “How nice if chicken have 6 feet ?”


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