Lembu Punya Minyak, Sapi Dapat Nama

Wholly Cow !

This QBB stuff has been around for ages; even in my little kampong, the local mamak sundry shop also stocked these ubiquitous dark green tins, big and small, of something called Ghee. It was only recently that I learned that it is actually a refined form of butter.

We have never used it in the family, but I think lately it has become quite fashionable. But why call it minyak sapi, not minyak lembu ?   As I later learned, folks in different localities in Malaysia and Indonesia have different understanding of these two terms.  Some say ‘sapi’ means buffalo.  Others say, ‘sapi = lembu = cow’.   OK, I leave it at that.   Am not going to argue until the cows come home.


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