The Good, The Bad and The Oily

When I was young, we used coconut oil for cooking, and in fact my late granny also used it for keeping her hair glossy. It was cheap, only about 30 cts for a 1-litre bottle. Sometimes we made our own.

Then came the 60s and 70s, coconut oil was vilified as the silent murderer lurking in our kitchen, threatening to clog up arteries with polysaturated fats…so went the story. Everyone was frightened into switching to sunflower oil, peanut oil, soyabean oil and what not.

Today, coconut oil has been cleverly de-villainized and rehabilitated and touted as the wonder oil of the 22nd century…cost about RM120 per bottle. So, does it mean Expensive = Good, and Cheap = Bad? Or is it a case of devilishly slippery marketing by some modern-day Orang Minyak ?

note : Orang Minyak was a legendary villain in Malay fables, who covered himself with black tar whole body over (apparently he was naked), had some magical powers to appear out of nowhere at night, to molest women.

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