Hush Hush Aspects Of A Fishy Business

Pasar Bisik – or the  “Whispering Market” where fish is auctioned via close-bids.

We used to live near by the seashore in Bagan Ajam, Butterworth.   Early in the morning,  there would be small crowds gathered around the several fishing boats that the fishermen brought to shore with their hauls. Potential buyers would whisper into the ears of the fishermen and sometimes, the latter’s heads would nod or shake, along with expressions of either grimace or joy.

Hah, what a reminiscent joy of the old days !

These scenes have very largely disappeared; probably, we can still see these on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.    The beach at Bagan Ajam used to be clean – hence its name was Pantai Bersih.  Alas, now it is dirty and all kinds of rag-tag huts and makeshift stalls have sprouted up all over the place.  More like Pantai Kotor !

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