No Gripes With Gripe

This venerable love potion was a must-have for every infant.  They called it Gripe Water. Well we had no gripes with it, as it did seem to do wonders for nursing mums driven berserk by babies wailing non-stop for no apparent reason.

It supposedly removed the “wind” from the babies’ insides — colic — and soothed them into a nice sleep.  (I suspect I took plenty of that when I was a babe — sleeping has been my  lifelong hobby).

In later years, it was banned because it was found to have alcoholic content; a new formula was then developed.  I do not know if the latter-day concoction is just as effective.  Haven’t had a chance to come to grips with it. Should I get a bottle to try it out?  But,……, I don’t have an infant cucu…no ‘legit’ excuse.

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