Romancing The Pond

Definitely more fun than Romancing The Stone (1984 movie)

The Guillemard Reservoir in Penang.  Penang folks called it “Bak Kia Ti” or “Spectacles Pond” .This architectural marvel is simple and striking, stunningly beautiful, white and pristine.  Built in 1929, it sits atop a hill at 246 feet above sea-level overlooking the eastern half of Penang and the sea.    Due to a poisoning incident in the Confrontation days (I was told) it has been closed to the public since then, and younger generations probably do not even know of its existence.

In its heyday, this place was a “must-visit-must-take-photo” hotspot for all courting couples.   The unique spectacle-shaped twin pools were an enchanting draw for those romantically intoxicated.  I have seen quite a number of photos of relatives and their GF or BF taken at this site.

One fine day, I shall make it there with my dear wifey and take some wefies.


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