An Off-Roader And A Genteel Van

2015 marks the 45th anniversary of the launch of the 1st Range Rover.

Mention the name Land Rover and the older folks among us would immediately think of the ubiquitous jeep-like vehicle that was a favorite with the mata-mata (police) and various other jabatan kerajaan (government departments).   Main virtues were its simplicity, ruggedness and off-road capabilities.   Ride and comfort were relegated to a remote second place.

All that changed in 1970, when the company launched the Range Rover – which became the Grand-daddy of SUVs, if I may say.    Main focus was on ride and passenger comfort, while not forgoing the renowned off-road terrain capabilities.  Since then, the Range Rover has become an icon among the luxury SUVs and a favorite among the well-heeled and well-wheeled. Now it is a vehicle of choice for both the Officer and the Gentleman.


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