“When We Were Small, TV Antennae Were Tall….”

Now we are tall, and antennae are small…. ” (old Bee Gees song still rings)…hahaha.

Do ask me why.  Here’s the scoop:-

Before the advent of cable TV in Singapore and satellite TV in Malaysia, we used to see very tall TV antennae in the southern states of peninsular Malaysia, notably Johor, Melaka, and perhaps Negri Sembilan.  Their heights were in proportion to the distance from Singapore, it seemed.

Reason for the tall antennae: To capture the TV signals from SBC (Singapore Broadcasting Corporation).  At that time, all the programs were “free-to-air”, and the hearts of men were not so desperate for money. 

Over time, I believe most of these tall aerials have been dismantled, as ASTRO came into being, and small satellite dish antennae became the norm.

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