They Tok Mee Into Eat

Do you know that your favorite Wantan Mee or Yuntun Mian (hanyu pinyin) was also called Tok Tok Mee since a long long time ago ?

The name originated from the sound of a piece of wood hitting against a handheld rectangular bamboo plate.  The hawker would go round the neighbourhood with his pushcart, and then commission his assistant to entice the folks with his “tok-tik-tik-tok,tok-tok-tok” rhythmic siren calls.

In those days, this delicacy was relatively expensive.   Still, when the “tokking” came around, the saliva glands would be whipped into convulsive overdrive and we would dig into our little piggy banks and see if we could get 30 cents out to buy a plate of this noodle. Aiyoh, tak boleh tahan liao !


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