The Original Strip-Tease

In the earlier decades, canned food like luncheon meat and corn beef had to be opened with a simple “key” (usually attached to the top plate of the can).

The can came with a pre-scored metallic band round the body, which ended in a tab.  This tab was then inserted into the “eye” of the key, and then the key would then be wound around to strip the metallic band.

As the stripping progressed, tender, fleshly content was tantalizingly revealed, causing the eyes to succumb to the irresistible temptation.   However, sometimes the tab would loosen or even break off midway.  In such spoilsport cases, a pair of pliers would come in handy to complete the act.     Call it  “When Strip Comes To Rip” – if you wish :  the final results were equally delectable.


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