Yesterday Once More

“When I Was Young, I Listened To The Radio, Waiting For My Favorite Song….”

This was the first radio from the very bottom layer of my memory. My dad bought it umpteen-hand, years before I was born.  It broke down countless times and got repaired as many times. Practically everything inside had been changed, save the single speaker and, the casing.

Made by Philips of Holland, the backlit tuning panel was on the top side.   The indicator needle there was moved along via a mechanical pulley system that linked it to one of the knobs in front.

There were 4 knobs , for (I think) On-Off, Volume, Station, and MW/SW. We finally trashed it in 1970, when the last repair attempt saw the repairman reaching out for his tranquilizer tablets.feeling nostalgic.

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