Green Green Bus Of Home

Back in those days in Penang, there were 5 many bus companies, namely, Lim Seng Seng (green), Hin Bus Co. (dark blue), Penang Yellow Bus (yellow, of course), the City Council Buses (beige color with a maroon stripe) and the latest of them, Sri Negara (light blue).

We lived in Padang Tembak area, along Air Itam Road, and this was the domain of the Green Bus.  To me this was the most highly efficient, clean and very frequent and very fast. In fact we also nicknamed it “Speedy Gonzales”.    No other bus service came close to it.   The LSS company also renewed its bus fleet very often, and we really delighted in travelling on these.  Most of the buses, I recall, were Seddon models.

Alas, all the buses in Penang are now consolidated under Rapid Transit.


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