Hoe-some and Hole-some Fun

Does anyone still remember what a cangkul is ?    The nearest equivalent in English is “hoe”.

You might not believe this : in my younger days in the kampong, one of our favorite pastimes was to take the family heirloom – a legacy cangkul – and dig holes in the fenced compound surrounding the house.  My friends would play “war games” by digging two-feet deep craters in the soil, pretending we were some sort of WW1 trench soldiers, and then lobbying baby coconuts at each other.

At other times, we pretended to be animal-trappers, covering smaller holes with branches and leaves, and imagining some wild boar would be falling into them.  The squeals and screams of the “victims”,  of course came from some of us.

Of course too, our parents did not know whether to laugh or to cry or do both at the same time.  Hah, the fun was hoe-some, hole-some and awesome !

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