Ada Rotan, Pepijat Pula Membiak

Since the days of our nenek moyangs, rotan or rattan has been used to make furniture and a myriad of other items.  It is extremely strong and tough, yet can be coaxed into contorted twists and turns – properties which make it so endearing.

In younger days, we had several rattan chairs.   Nice to sit on, quite relaxing.  However, these were very prone to infestation by bed bugs.   These little pests liked to hide in the crevices between strands,  and once a nice juicy bottom settled in, they would come out to feast.  The itch would be unbearable and often led to rashes and some bleeding.

We would then overturn the chairs and bang them on the floor to shake out those bugs and then sprayed some Shelltox to kill them.    Enemy temporarily repelled but they would return, again and again.


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