The Mother Of All Cubs…

Was also a cub – the Honda Port Cub 240, with a 49cc engine.  Introduced in 1962, it was the forerunner of all the  ‘kap chais’.   The earliest versions did not even have signalling winkers for turning.

Most interestingly, the kickstarter was on the left side (see photo) and the gearbox had only two speeds.   I remember we had a second-hand specimen in the early 60s, until my dad traded it in for a C50 Cub.

The success of these Honda runabouts spawned a host of many copycat versions by Suzuki and Yamaha.

For Honda, later updates had bigger engines, from 65cc going up to 70cc, 90cc and eventually 100cc.    In my first 3 years in MU, I had a C70cc model, which I used for the daily commute between campus and Section 17 of PJ.

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