Romance Of The Three Cylinders

Some time in 1980,  a maverick little car from an “unknown” Japanese automaker, Daihatsu (what ? Die Hard 2) sprung onto the car scene in Malaysia.

Charade was its name, but there was no pretence about it.   The most interesting part was its use of a 993 cc, 3-cylinder engine.  Daihatsu claimed that the “most efficient” cylinder displacement was 331 cc – hence, superior fuel economy.

However, as a mechanical engineer, with classroom lectures still fresh in mind, I was totally thrown off-balance by this “shaky” heretical configuration.

So went I, to a showroom to check it out, and even took one sample for a spin around town.  Hmm, not bad it was, no strange vibes, quite zippy.   But I did not settle for this one, becoz I felt it was a little small, for an aspiring family man.

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