Confinement Made Oily

In the days of old, the fragment aroma of sesame seed oil in the air meant that a stork had arrived somewhere in the vicinity.  Since time immemorial, Chinese customs imposed strict regulations on Do’s and Don’ts for mothers in confinement month.

Diet was to be free of all the “windy” stuff and sesame seed oil was to be used for cooking meals for the mother.   And at that time, the one and only sesame seed oil – they call it “Teel Seed Oil” – of renown was from the legendary – 159 years old now – manufacturer – Ghee Hiang of Penang.   Nothing else would suffice.

Yes, as kids we love all the stuff fried with this sesame seed oil especially one type of “phong piah” stuffed with egg batter and then deep fried.    It was heaty – eating too much of that could cause sore throats.

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