It Ain’t Heavy, It’s My Kereta

When the batteries of our cars decided to take an unscheduled break, the much beloved Automobiles became obnoxious Auto-No-Mobiles.

Back in those days of manual transmission, we would resort to doing a push start.   How many of us still remember how to do this ?

Firstly, we needed to mount a charm offensive and sweet-talk some friends or neighbors or in dire cases, even strangers passing by, into showcasing their awesome muscle power.

There was a certain procedure to learn and master.  An unskilled driver could leave the pushers falling flat on their faces !   Other instances could see the car doing a kangaroo dance routine.  After a few tries, it usually worked.

Not sure if this could be done with Auto Transmission.

Haiz, perhaps they should bring back the “Encore” hand-crank !

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