Good Tin Came on Three’s

Throw back to the  heyday of Tin as one of the two major exports of Malaya/Malaysia.   Along Dato Keramat Road, Penang stood the Eastern Smelting Company, where tin ore was smelted and cast into ingots, for export.

And running in and out of the gates of this smelting factory were quaint, yellow trailer trucks with 3-wheel prime movers.  Loaded with perhaps a hundred refined Tin ingots, these trucks made their way to the docks alongside Weld Quay.   I cannot remember clearly now the actual routes they used, but these Scammel Scarab three-wheelers left quite an impression on my young mind then.

Eastern Smelting has melted into history now, and all the Scarabs scrapped, save one pitiful specimen at the Penang Museum.


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