Orang Miskin Buat Kaya

Not a rags-to-riches story, but just re-living my days as a poor kid in the kampong.   Mum used to make kaya quite frequently for us to spread on our slices of roti for breakfast.

Chicken eggs were in good supply, thanks to the dutiful loyal chickens that we reared in the backyard.   Just had to add sugar and use the old faithful helical spring whisk to beat up a rich sticky glue-like syrup.  Coconut milk was added, plus a leaf or two of pandan for flavoring.   Everything was natural, absolutely no preservatives or coloring.

Next, the whole yummy slurry was poured into a double-boiler (as shown) and then the whole thing put on a stove.   Before long, the rich fragrance started to permeate the air …. get your saliva ready !


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