The Bulb Was A Lamp Unto My Nights

Decades ago, everyone used incandescent lamps for their homes (provided they had access to electricity).  

Each bulb was affixed to a 2-pin “bayonet-mount” socket, with just a slight push-in and a quarter-turn twist.   There were two types, one with clear glass and the other with frosted glass.  And they were cheap.  I remember a 100W type cost something around RM0.30.    We had half a dozen of 100W’s and some 60W’s in our kampong house.

These bulbs had a nice warm white light but were not very bright, and they cast sharp shadows on walls — giving us kids fun opportunities to create animal patterns with our hands.   This playing with shadows was not possible with the use of the newer fluorescent tubes – something the modern kids are missing.

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