Gone Be The Wind ?

The Chinese description for this age-old classic Minyak Angin actually says, “carminative oil” or flatulence-relieving oil. 驱风油

Yea, I remember starting using this wonder love potion (was not No.9, to be sure) since my very young days, not so much for colic, but always for relief of nasal passages during bouts of flu and cold.  Those were the days, when Mum taught me to tie one corner of a handkerchief into a knot and then drip several drops of this oil into it – used for sniffing at intervals.

Photo shows the old bottle, with a cork stopper, tipped with a tin-alloy spout and a screw-on cap.  Yes, the stuff is 96 years old now, and Ipoh folks should be proud of it.

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