Headstart On Safety

Long time ago, almost all motorcyclists in the country rode around with wind in the hair.   Foolish exuberance or headstrong foolhardiness ?  No one bothered to think about it.  That was, until 1973, when a law was enacted to make wearing of helmets compulsory.

If I remember correctly, Expandite was the first off the mark, and produced a “half-shell” model, with the memorable bird logo (I thought it was a penguin).   Got SIRIM approval some more!  But to many people – I included (was a handsome 18 then) – it was Ugly !  No way that white tempurong was going onto their heads.

So despite the headstart it got, Expandite soon ran into strong headwinds posed by other mighty brands like Centurion, Shoei, etc.

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