Ballad Of East And West

East is East and West is West; yet the twain did meet.  In the late 1970s, the German juggernaut, Volkswagon launched the Scirocco, followed a little later by the Japanese maverick, Honda, with the Accord.

The Scirocco was one of the first VW models to feature Front-Engine, Front-Wheel Drive and water-cooling.  It was typical Teutonic precision engineering, sporty and lively.   But if one listened intently, the unmistakable VW Beetle peppered-chug was still there.

The Accord, on the other hand, was more like a graceful ballerina, and had a long-stroke CVCC engine that ran at a leisurely rpm.  Not to be forgotten was the award-winning dashboard, which exuded an aura of dignified simplicity with full functionality.

I did test drive both, but was far too poor to afford either one.


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