Real-Life Hacks

These days hacks of all and sundry are given out freely over the internet.  But in those good old days, we had only one kind of Hacks.  In the 1960s, we paid something like 5 cents for 2 pieces.

It was about the size of an olive, but flattened and packaged in a brilliant orangey-red transparent wrapper.   Deep grayish-black in color, it delivered a mighty menthol-mint punch to soothe our tender throats which had been ravaged by frequent bouts of cough.

Over the years, milder versions were marketed – the Honey Lemon first, followed by a variety of other flavors – to serve the later generations who could not endure the rigors of strong remedies, but prefer softer options.  I still stick by the old.

Eh hem ! Eh hem !

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