Ada Udang Di Atas Kueh

Yea, bukan semua udang perlu sembunyi di sebalik batu (not all prawns need to hide behind a rock).   In this case, they were nicely stuck to the top of the yummy old-time delicacy known as Cucur Badak.

Half a century back, while I was in primary school, I ate a piece of this nearly everyday at the school tuckshop, where the ‘kak-and-makcik’ team sold a variety of traditional Malay kuih.   Adoih, Sedapnya !

These days, rather few people in Singapore have heard of this stuff, fewer still have eaten one.  Even on rare occasions where these are encountered, cost-cutting has taken a toll : one can toss the round things around, look di hadapan, di sebalik, tapi cannot find any  Udang.


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