First Pagers of My Life

Flashback 37 years ago to 1979.  Fresh out of UM into first job at Motorola, Penang, I had encountered the first pagers of my life, viz., the Metrx and the Metro.  These were premier high-tech stuff, assembled in the Bayan Lepas FTZ3 factory.   These only beeped, no displays.

Apart from the plastic and metal casings,  most of the innards were built in-house and we, as the engineers, were very proud to be associated with that glamour name of that era – Motorola.   The Penang factory was so good, that it was appointed to set up and commission a new production line in South Korea a few years later.

Those were cherishable years where the first pages of my working life were written on my mind, indelible to this day.

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