Unearthly Connections

Oh yes, they seem to be out of this world now, but these two-wire, bayonet-mount connections were in widespread use several decades ago.

In those days, the now-ubiquitous 3-pin power outlets and plugs were unheard of.  There was no such thing as Earth wire or connection.   Electrical appliances (though few families could afford them)  were DIY-retrofitted with bayonet-mount, two-pin plugs (made of phenolic thermosett plastic).

Of course there were plenty of occasions when branching was required, and for such, 2-way and even 3-way sockets enormously popular, coupled with plugs to which the classical Black & Red* twisted cables were attached.

*Note : In case younger folks do not know, Black=Neutral, Red=Live.  Nowadays, ……………..Neutral=Blue, and Live=Brown, Yellow with Green stripe=Earth

Hope this post reconnects many who are still on this earth to some power memories.

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