Love Your Wife ? Give Her Opium and Poison

Guys,forget flowers – that is too mainstream. Get her the “Os and Ps” – in time to come addiction and poisoning will do their jobs.    Poor me, I thought that was the intent behind those names.

When YSL launched Opium in 1977, it sparked a huge uproar by the Chinese (name had ignominious connotation to the Opium Wars of the 19th century) – nevertheless it created many more addicts without firing a single shot.   And probably demolished the fortified bank accounts of many a guy.   “Love is a Money-Expended Thing”, haiz.

Not to be outdone, Christian Dior responded with Poison in 1985, to finish off those whom YSL had missed out.   It has been 39 and 31 years, respectively, since these chemical weapons of love appeared.


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