Left Was Not Right

A no-brainer statement  — oh really ?

About 10% of earthlings are born South Paws – am one of them.  But around the age of 5, I was forced to switch to the right side of the world.   It was a huge struggle — often ‘b’ became ‘d’ and ‘p’ became ‘q’ (mirror-image effect).  However,with loving encouragement from my parents, I managed to do the right thing for my writing.

I was glad for my parents’ foresight, as later I found almost everything in this world was right-handed — scissors, computer mice, can openers, drafting boards, etc.

It is said that left-handed people are more creative and, better at maths and spatial visualization, and, that if Lefties are forced to be Righties, some will become Nutties.   Not sure if that describes me now.

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