Threw In My Vests, They Did The Rest

Well, almost … some time-honoured hand scrubbing was needed. OMO, FAB and BREEZE were the detergents of choice in the 50s-60s.

OMO was my earliest encounter. Not sure what OMO stood for; I thought it should have been OWO (one-woman operation) since my mum single-handedly did all the washing.

Not long after that came FAB – which could fabulously evict scums of any nature. Oh yes, later there was a solid-state variant called “Power Laundry Bar”, which came in the form of a blue  rectangular slab.

Finally came BREEZE which I suppose could make laundry work a breeze.

These old timers have long been overshadowed by so many other new brands, with offerings in both powder and liquid emulsified versions, including one that promises to make unsightly things (including your money, of course) VANISH.

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