The Original Italian Job

The “Sembra Una Vespa” scooter of course !

The most striking feature was its well-endowed posterior which would make Kim Kardashian green with envy. That bulbous rear housed a superlative two-stroke engine that was mounted off-centre (biased towards right side) and directly coupled to the rear wheel.

This off-balance design meant that riders had to slightly tilt the whole scooter to the left while on the move.  The engine emitted a solid thud-thud sound, as opposed to the Milo-tin  whine of prevailing Japanese two-strokers like Yamaha and Suzuki.  Torque was plentiful and its acceleration was pure exhilaration.  And, no visible smoke emission despite having to mix in a 2T lubricating oil with the fuel !  Amazing.

Over the years, a cult-like following has grown around this cutesy Italian Job.


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