Liquid Terminator

Dettol came into my life very early on, as I had to use it to wash the wounds on my limbs that I received frequently from  outdoor rumble-and-tumble play activities.   Being a kid I watched with much fascination as the brown liquid turned into a milky white color upon mixing with water.

Unknowingly, I also developed a strange liking for the smell !   The smell of death perhaps — for those unseen minute creatures of mischief.

All germs and bacteria would immediately recognize this fearsome mass killer whose vicious genocidal tendencies had wiped out 99.99% of their ancestors and relatives since 1936.

But alas for all folks,  the 0.01% that escaped went on to multiply and mutate and, returned with a vengeance — generating more sales for this liquid terminator and other copycat killers.

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