Paip.Sekolah : The Thirst Was History

It was far better than Pepsi-Cola: it was cool, refreshing and clear.  And F-O-C and F-O-S too (free-of-charge,and free-of-sugar).

Well, just reminiscing my primary school days, when after a PE lesson or a game of football, we kids made a beeline for the solitary standpipe in the school compound, and got our thirsty throats quenched.

No SWEAT for us to drink in this unadulterated H-TWO-O; just opened our mouths big big, turned on the tap handle, and took a BIG GULP or two, and the thirst was history.

My late mum always cautioned me against drinking straight from the tap for the fear of water-borne diseases.  She always made me carry a bottle of boiled water from home.  But,…,drinking from Paip Sekolah was a totally different experience.  I never told her.


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