The Dream Machine

I was a small kid with big dreams.  Some time in 1962, when dad brought home a colourful catalog from Boon Siew Honda, my attention was drawn NOT to the cubby stuff, but a big stately majestic  Benly Dream series.  These machines came in two models, with twin-cylinder engines of 250cc and 350cc respectively.

I liked the squarish headlight, the beefy squarish-section front forks & solid-looking rear suspension arms, the sparkling chrome fuel tank, etc., and not the least of all, the whitewall tyres.

(By contrast, modern m-bikes all seem to resemble creepy bugs from outer space that appear in nightmares)

So, I told my dad, “Buy this one”.  But Dollars & Sensibility sank in.  We could only afford the 50cc Kap Chai, thus that big fella just remained the stuff of my dreams,….for a long time.

Anyone owned this machine before ?

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