Good To Drink & Drive: Don’t Chicken Out

I loved to drive up and down Peninsular Malaysia, especially at night, even though there was no PLUS* yet.  Before embarking on each drive, my dad would pass me two bottles of Brand’s Essence of Chicken.  Said he, “Drink before you drive and along the way; good for staying alert”

What to me was essentially watered-down chicken in a bottle was highly valued and venerated by many folks of that time. (Not sure if that is still true today).  Many nursing mothers were required to consume at least one bottle a day.  Apparently, it was also the magic brew that helped students to score high marks in exams. 

Ok for me, but some people find the taste and smell awful. Nonetheless, it is the epitome of an immensely successful branding campaign.  Cluck! Cluck!

note : PLUS = abbreviation for Project Lebuhraya Utara Selatan, or the North-South Highway in Malaysia

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