1001 Dreams Less One

Before the advent of Sports Toto, Magnum 4D , etc, it seemed that dreams were limited in number to 1000. Of course that applied only to the folks with incurable gambling propensities coded into their DNA.

I recall that historical pink booklet, known as [千字图],or “Thousand Character Map”. It was revered like a religious book by die-hard punters. Inside were exactly 1000 pictograms, labelled 000 to 999.  Each depicted a unique object (both animate and inanimate) or a situation.

Waking up from a dream, adherents would quickly grab that “sacred” book and search for the pictograms which best matched their dreams.  Guess the next move?  Bets would be placed with their favourite bookies for the three-digit numbers which the respective pictograms were assigned.  It mattered not if no strikes were made.  There was always the next dream.

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