‘Twas So Good — Back Then

In 2011, Kentucky Fried Chicken introduced a new slogan “sogood” in an attempt to upgrade its fowl image.

In reality, it was really So Good many years ago, when going to KFC was kinda classy thing, where one was served in genteel fashion, big and yummy pieces of chicken on elegant crockery and with stainless steel cutlery, at reasonable prices.

These days, one has to queue up in crowded outlets, and be served refugee-camp-like manner – with paper boxes, plastic disposable forks, paper cups, etc.  That is, after one has handed over an arm and a leg in exchange for a chicken wing and a drumstick.

BTW, I had my first taste of KFC only in 1983, some where in Petaling Jaya, in a location called “State”.  I have no idea where that place is now.

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