Doing The “Write” Thing With Heroes

When our primary school teacher told us to “graduate” from pencils to fountain pens, my father bought me a set of these made-in-China pens – they came in a nice gift box, a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen side-by-side.  I was thrilled.

(In those days, China-made goods were of much higher quality, and they were very affordable).

The HERO fountain pen accompanied me through many classroom conquests, and was literally instrumental as my right-hand assistant in perfecting the “write” stuff, while its ballpoint sidekick slept most of the time at home in their satin-lined case.  (In those days, schools forbid the use of ballpoints – something that I cannot understand till this day).

Alas, over the years, I lost these Heroes of my youth through misplacement, having succumbed to cheapie disposable ballpoints that came into the market. 

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