When Everything Else Was A Copy

32 years ago, in the autumn of 1985 that I was privileged to be assigned by my company in Singapore to go to the HQ of Xerox Corporation at Rochester, NY USA, to help in the design of the control panel for a new photocopier. 

At that time, Xerox had a huge majority market share for photocopiers, with many patents on this technology. While working there for 2 weeks with the designers and engineers, I learnt that Xerox had licensed its patents to several other companies in Asia, but the folks always said, “Only Xerox is original, all others are copies”. 

OK, that made sense, I thought, since Xerox was meant to produce more copies!

Sadly, today the copies have eclipsed the original, and seldom do we now hear people say, “xerox a copy for me”.

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