Close Encounters Of The Gooey Kind

I have forgotten now exactly when the first encounter took place, but I do remember how that black, gooey (some say ‘smelly’) stuff made inroads into my favourite food list.

It came in the form of a slightly viscous sauce that was generously poured over the white rolls on a plate of ‘chee cheong fun’ (猪肠粉) together with the maroon-coloured ‘sweet sauce’ (甜酱).  But initially it took much persuasion to get me to put that stuff into my mouth.  The rest is history.

Of course, this Otak Udang was also an inseparable key companion and enhancer of the famed Penang Asam Laksa.

Looking back, it intrigues me how folks can be hooked onto eating the mashed-up brains of some lowly crustaceans (don’t ask me how they died – that’s a no-brainer)

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