I Was A LUNA Kid

As a kid, I loved to draw and thus, as soon as I was able to tell blue from black, I was given colour pencils to to further develop my skills as a blooming artist.

My favourite brand was LUNA by Staedtler. If I remember correctly, LUNA was available in 3 kits :-

  • a Basic Pack with 12-colour, 4-inch pencils
  • an Extended Pack with 12-colour, 7-inch pencils,
  • a Premium Pack with 24-colour, 7-inch pencils.

I never saw the Premium Pack in real life.  However, I think I went through at least 3 sets of the Basic Pack – initially losing a number of individual pencils to the voracious appetites of pencil sharpeners.  (The best way to sharpen them was to use a razor blade).

The photo shows the livery of the packaging of the 1960s/70s.

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