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Speedy Gone Sully

On that fateful day circa 1979, I was driving the amber-coloured Datsun 120Y (borrowed from a cousin), ferrying my parents from Alor Star to Butterworth. 

Traffic was light and, unlike the Penang folks who loved to drive like tortoises, everyone was going at exuberant paces.  “Arriba Arriba” as I imagined myself to be some kind of Speedy Gonzales.    And then some.  

As I was negotiating a bend just after the town of Gurun, out from behind some bushes popped two traffic policemen, armed with a radar gun.

They flagged me down and asked to see my driver’s licence and told me I was going at 70mph!  I was too traumatized to remember what my reaction was. They told me that for 70mph, I had to pay a fine of RM70 at the Gurun Police Station.   Our day was ruined.