What This Blog Is All About

Just a way to share the old times with friends, esp those younger ones, before my memory falls apart.

For easy reading, all posts are kept within a 140-word limit. And yes, they are punny and mildly satirical, and perhaps a little provocative.  Please fasten your seat belt first, and get your smiles ready.

The titles usually are puns of names of old popular songs or of old movies, or some common English idioms. Several of these, and some expressions, are in Malay for the extra oomph that can only be savored via the language.


Many of the photos have been gleaned from the internet via Google. Thanks a zillion to the owners of these photos, for which I have no direct way of contacting them.   Some photos have been heavily photoshopped to suit the message of the posts.

Should you be any owner of these photos and object to my using them here, kindly get in touch with me at the following : ksneoh1955@gmail.com

Thanks for your indulgence.

BTW, watch out for the hardcopy version which is coming out soon !

Enjoy !

3 thoughts on “What This Blog Is All About

  1. Tony

    Thanks for you blog. I was an Australian soldier at RAAF Butterworth September – December 1979. We had a reunion last year in Penang and Butterworth – 29 of the 120 original guys were able too attend, with spouses and family.
    Thanks for the Malay hospitality then and last year.
    Great photos too.



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