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Trails Of Two Kebaya’s

In 1972, the inevitable happened: the joint flag-carrier, MSA split into two distinct national airlines, leaving each free to mark the skies with trails and contrails of its own, wherever and however it desired.

They parted but then somehow each arrived at the same conclusion on the choice of uniforms for their female crew.  Yes, kebayas and kebayas.  One cannot deny the simple noble elegance and graceful feminine aura these exude.

SIA’s more daring design by Pierre Balmain is already 46 years old (as of 2018).   The slightly more conservative MAS design currently in use was introduced only in 1986, supposedly by the creative minds at the School of Fashion, MARA Universtity of Technology. Nevertheless, it also stood the test of 32 years.

The two kebayas have flown apart from each other, but the common heritage background is unmistakeable.