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Stoutly Harping On The Same Brew

Wow! That blackish, somewhat bitter brew has been around for 145 years (as of 2017).  As far as my memory goes, this was the Black Dog Beer (“Or Kau Bit” in Penang Hokkien) that was touted as being “Good For You”.

Then, in 1984 I discovered that in Singapore, there was no black dog beer, neither was there the bulldog logo; instead the bottles wore a label which had an Alsatian-like dog with a big red tongue sticking out.  The locals called it “Ang Zit Kau” (meaning red-tongue dog). Never mind the change of doggies, the oval label said it was brewed in the same brewery in Malaysia!

The dogs are gone now, replaced solely by the Harp as the product brand — though the logo underwent half-a-dozen facelifts as the years wore on.  Guinness is still harping on the same brew, I guess.