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The Rides And Falls Of Our Times

Pampered kids of today have midget mounts with outrigger “training” wheels, but in our times, learning to ride a bicycle was inevitably a thrill-and-spill adventure on a huge “Grandpa” two-wheeler.

Grabbing the handle bar with the left hand, and the seat with the right arm, and right foot on the right pedal, one had to “half-push, half-pedal” to try and gain some speed.  After some trial runs, one would venture to also lift the left foot, onto the left pedal, and secure that elusive balance.   For a second or two, things got rolling,…and then gravity took over the game.   C-R-A-S-H !! 

A few bruises on the knees, elbows or palms perhaps, but no big deal.  We picked up our machines, and off we went again.  And there would be many falls before a bona fide ride was finally achieved.

BMW Experience Of Old

Those were the good old days,  when true love was not measured in $$$$ and everyone could afford a BMW experience.   Bicycle+Man+Woman added up to dearly cherished heart-throbbing delight for couples entrenched in nourishing biochemical reactions.

Values have changed so dramatically over the last half-century.  In China, one lady made a famous statement that went viral over the internet : “I would rather sit in a BMW and cry, than to sit on a bicycle and laugh”.     Very hard times for guys these days – haiz.

Fortunately, am an old man now, and I am thankful I do not have to contend with parting of hundreds of thousands of hard-earned dollars.  Back then, BMW did not cost me an arm and a leg;  just paid for it with my heart. Hehehe !

Pedals Of The Sexes

In the old days, when all men were males and all women were females, manufacturers made only two kinds of bicycles – one for each of the two sexes.

The male type had a horizontal bar in the frame for added stiffness – as usually it was also often used to carry heavy loads.   That meant that if a lady wished to ride this bike, she would have to lift up her right leg high and over the seat in order to mount it.  Well, back then most women wore skirts, and thus executing such a high-flying kick would have constituted a major public scandal.

Hence, the female bicycle was made.  This one had the horizontal bar re-configured into a Vee, allowing for a more elegant and dainty manouevre for the ladies.

Haiz, they don’t make such bicycles anymore.