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Me Too Loved Mee Koo

Remember those puffy chubby lumps of almost pure carbohydrate in pink (more like magenta) garb? 

In Hokkien, we call them “Mee Koo”  or Flour Tortoise.   Traditionally, they were made for birthday celebrations, both of mortal humans and immortal celestial beings. It tickled me pink to think how  the latter apparently had also acquired an appetite for these cutesy earthly buns.

Over the years, the plain oval shape has also evolved into more modern versions, which may sprout legs, tails and heads, and also bear a variety of inscriptions  of the wishful-thinking kind on the back; others developed alluring pinched-in waistlines.

In my younger days, me too, had a liking for them, especially when dipped into a bowl of curry.  Hmm, yummy yum yum. What carbo?  Eat first.